As we welcome citizens and visitors to the Tanglefoot Trail, it is our hope that you enjoy your time here. While the trail offers different experiences for a variety of users, we ask that you follow the courtesies listed below for the safety and enjoyment of all. Also, since children do not know the ‘rules of the road’ yet, be sure to be extra attentive and alert when in their presence.

Please note the Tanglefoot Trail crosses county roads and private drives in a variety of places. Public crossings are marked with signage in both directions and please be observant when you approach these locations. Public parking is available at each of the whistle stops as well as in New Albany, Pontotoc, and Houston. We encourage everyone to carry a cell phone when using the trail.

Please be a courteous user of public lands as well as considerate of other trail users and local landowners. Be safe and enjoy your visit!

Trail Etiquette

  1. Bicyclists ride single file when meeting or being overtaken by other Trail users.
  2. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.
    • Skaters yield to cyclists.
    • Cyclists yield to joggers.
  3. On the Trail, announce yourself by saying “On your left”.
    • Warn Trail users as you approach or pass from behind.
  4. Trail users move off the Trail when stopped.
    • Do not block the Trail for other users.
  5. Obey all Trail signs and rules.
    • Stop at all intersections.
    • Travel at safe speeds.
  6. Keep dogs under control.
    • Use a leash.
    • Remove waste droppings from the Trail.
  7. Keep the Trail clean.
    • Place all litter in waste containers.

Trail Safety

  • Trail users are encouraged to use the Trail with a partner.
  • Trail users are encouraged to refrain from the use of head phones while on the Trail.
  • Skaters & cyclists are encouraged to wear protective helmets while using the Trail.
  • Lock your vehicle and stow your valuables in the vehicle’s trunk before accessing the Trail. Never park your vehicle in designated Trail parking overnight.
  • The Trail will be patrolled by law enforcement officers. While on the Trail, all Trail users are required to obey the instructions of any law enforcement officer.
  • Trail users who need emergency assistance while on the Trail are encouraged to dial 911. If you do call 911, remember to describe your approximate location on the Trail by:
    • Recalling the closest trail mile marker.
    • Recalling the name of the location (City, Whistle Stop) where you entered the Trail
    • Knowing if you are traveling North or south.
    • Knowing approximately how far you have traveled while on the Trail.

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